Patient Testimonials

  • I came to Rachel with ankle pain and instability with walking 4 years after surgery. I felt really discouraged and was certain that I would not regain functioning. Rachel’s expertise, curiosity and hopefulness helped me to persist through several weeks of PT and I am now pain free and have re gained functional movement. Rachel is a great listener and did not dismiss any of my concerns, instead building a therapy program to improve strength, balance, joint mobility and proprioception through out my lower body. I highly recommend!

    Ellen M.

  • Working with Rachel over the past two months has been a terrific experience. I have been suffering with back and neck pain for a long time and finally decided to get some help. Rachel showed me that a lot of the aches I was experiencing was a result of strain in my lat and shoulder area.

    Immediately after doing a couple of exercises focused on this area, I found instant relief. Even within just a month of PT, I am doing so much better! Now I just need to get a better desk set up at home…

    I highly recommend going to Mechano if you have been experiencing pain or discomfort. There is no up-sell whatsoever and the team is super flexible on scheduling and timing. You can’t go wrong.

    Ian G.

  • I had a wonderful experience with MechanoTherapy! They helped me build strength in my legs while I was dealing with sudden onset arthritis in my knees. Rachel is very knowledgeable and friendly and so enjoyable to work with. I’m grateful to have been able to receive care during the pandemic. As of October 2020, they’re only allowing one client in the studio at a time and I always felt safe there, as far as the threat of coronavirus.

    Brianna B.

  • Warren is fantastic in helping me to recover from the knee pain caused by running. He figured out the root cause of my problem immediately by evaluating my strength, balance, posture, running forms and running cadence, etc. (That was a great experience!)

    His knowledge of how human body works really helped me to understand my training plans, and also, all the exercises he taught me worked amazingly.

    I couldn’t run even a mile when I first visit Warren, and that was 10 weeks before my marathon race.

    As a result of working with him for 7 weeks, I became very confident in crossing the finish line of my marathon race. It’s almost a miracle.

    Moreover, Warren is such a great person…! He is always friendly, sincere, and honest.

    If I ever have need of a future Physical Therapy, Warren will be the first and only one on my list.

    Tomoko N.

  • Warren is a God- (send)!

    MechanoTherapy has saved my life – or at least enhanced the quality of it.

    I ruptured my quad tendon. I’m 59 and would not classify myself as athletic. I tore it on a Tuesday, had surgery on Thursday and saw Warren for the first time the following Monday. His entire focus was my well being and comfort, AND maintaining strength in my quad so that recovery could occur quickly. Through massage and gradually increasing the intensity of my exercises, we’ve made excellent progress – at 12 weeks, I was about 13 weeks ahead of protocol in both strength and flexibility. At 15 weeks I can squat, go up and down stairs, and I’m getting very tempted to start jogging (though Warren says “not yet” for that). I walked 8 miles last Saturday.

    His strengthening techniques include innovative blood-flow restriction and really worked to quickly gain back strength in my thigh. We’ve also used electro -therapy, stationary bike, and some other gym equipment at his studio. He’s outfitted for any eventuality.

    Bottom line, I feel confident I will get full strength and range of motion back in my quad and when I tear it again in 59 years, I hope Warren is still around to help me recover. He’s the best!

    Ray B.

  • Without Warren’s help I would not have achieved my dream of competing at CrossFit Regionals in 2015. After re–aggravating an old knee injury I could barely walk without pain, let alone compete. Warren’s enthusiasm and expertise helped me feel more confident and in just a few days I was able to walk, squat, and do everything required of me to compete again and qualify for the regional competition. Two years later, I still do the exercises he prescribed for me because they help my form while squatting and have kept me from having to have knee surgery. I am so thankful to Warren for being so knowledgeable, caring, and fun to work with. I’ve seen a lot of physical therapists in my lifetime as a competitive gymnast, runner, and crossfitter and Warren is by far my favorite!

    Emily M.

  • I started physical therapy with Warren after my second ACL surgery. I was pretty distraught about having to go through the same recovery process again. (I had done physical therapy in another state after my first injury.) Warren eased my concerns and was extremely positive throughout the entirety of our training. His encouragement and knowledge made each session productive. My knee is stronger, has better mobility, gives me less pain, and is actually all-around better now, than after my first surgery.

    Jennifer S.

  • Warren has the knowledge and expertise to get you out of the misery of pain and back into doing the things you love. I know, because I was there.

    I was telling my friends my right arm was just “over.” It ached all the time, even when I was just doing nothing. I couldn’t wash dishes without pain. I started playing racquetball left-handed, and thought that would be my life from now on. At MechanoTherapy I learned that my feeling was actually common in racquet and throwing sports. Certain muscles had become so strong, I had developed an imbalance.

    Using exercises and physical manipulation, I was able to strengthen the neglected muscles, regain balance in my body, and I’m ready to go back to playing right-handed with no pain at all! Thanks so much, MechanoTherapy

    Melissa K.

  • Warren is hands down the best Physical Therapist I’ve ever worked with – both knowledgeable and considerate. Following knee surgery over 2 years ago, I saw multiple PTs to no avail – I felt my knee was destined to always be painful. After a few months working with Warren, I’m able to go down stairs again without pain and he just cleared me to ski!!!

    Warren provides excellent attentive, individualized care (whereas many other PTs hand you off to someone junior or work with 3 people at a time). He is also exceptionally medically technical and up-to-date with latest research. When I’ve had pain returning or low motivation in my exercise plan, Warren provides kind and knowledgeable advice (such as lack of sleep increasing pain) and provides the right amount of push to help make progress.

    It is clear Warren is dedicated to the MechanoTherapy mantra “Hurt Less, Do More” and I would strongly recommend him to anyone in the greater Portland area.

    Sophie D.

  • Warren is the best — super friendly, and such a pro. I’m pretty active, and have been overly flexible my entire life, but was noticing that my shoulder wasn’t staying in place and I was constantly in pain. Warren pretty quickly figured out what was going on and gave me exercises that made my shoulder feel better almost instantly, and explained very clearly what was happening and why I was so uncomfortable. I got noticeably stronger in no time and have no idea how I went on as long as I did!

    Fast forward several months after my shoulder issues were solved, I was having sharp knee pains when I ran and went to the doctor. He recommended I see a physical therapist, so naturally I went back to Warren who had me up and (literally) running in no time.

    I highly recommend him.

    Jamie E.

  • Warren helped me following bilateral knee replacement at age 55. Warren and I established clear goals of getting me back on the tennis court (my passion) and playing competitively again within 6 months. Warren was extremely patient and thorough in our sessions. He was kind, encouraging but firm…his demeanor and approach worked wonders. I was back on the court in <4 months to the absolute surprise of my surgeon (and me) and was back playing again at a 4.5-5.0 level within 6 months. I owe much of my successful recovery to Warren and am forever grateful!!

    Erik V.

  • I started seeing Warren a couple of weeks after I had a double lumbar disc herniation last December. I was suffering excruciating back and leg pain and had lost 90% of my strength and a significant amount of muscle mass in my left leg. My Orthopedic Doctor expected the recovery to take 6 to 9 months with Physical Therapy. Now, less than 3 months later the strength in my leg is probably at 85% and the pain has greatly decreased and is manageable with the targeted exercise program that Warren put together for me. I credit Warren’s knowledge, experience and caring approach combined with a great exercise app for my unexpectedly fast recovery. Thanks Warren!

    Andrew K.

  • I had been experiencing intermittent pain in my mid-back. An X-ray revealed some arthritis. My primary care physician recommended some physical therapy. I worked with Warren several times and am today pain-free due to the exercises he taught me. Warren is incredibly good at explaining what is causing the pain and how the exercises will relieve it. He is patient and kind. He would demonstrate the exercise in detail and then I would do it. He took a video of me doing each exercise and described what I was doing and then sent it to me via email. So when I got home I could refer to the video if I had a question. I highly recommend Warren any time you need a physical therapist!

    Kay V.

  • I highly recommend Warren if you are in need of PT. I was sidelined for a year with plantar fasciitis, and in my comeback, also hurt my knee. After two months of PT, I felt better than I had in two years. I have returned to running and playing soccer at my usual paces from before the injuries. Thanks again, Warren!

    Peter K.

  • Working with Warren was a great experience. I went in for a running-related achilles injury that had bothered me for six months, and in six weeks Warren’s training regiment had me back to running without pain. Not only did I get my achilles injury under control, I learned a ton at the same time because Warren was happy to answer all the questions I could come up with. He seems very up to date on current research and is very good at explaining complicated subject matter in a clear and easy to understand way. Highly recommend!

    Matt N.

  • I came to Warren with crippling lower back pain. I couldn’t stand up straight, I could barely walk, and the thought of going for a run or lifting a weight was unimaginable. Four weeks later, I’m back playing basketball and lifting with zero pain. I feel stronger in my legs and back than I ever have before. I couldn’t recommend Warren enough – he’s a miracle worker.

    Scott H.

  • I was struggling with lower back pain off and on for over a year. I went to numerous chiropractic appointments before I finally decided to treat with Warren at MechanoTherapy. Within four visits I was feeling completely healed. FOUR VISITS! That’s all it took. The home exercises were easy to stick to and Warren’s advice on how to change my posture to avoid discomfort was a serious life changer. I am so grateful for all of his help.

    Ellen S.