Ray B.

July 15th, 2019

Warren is a God- (send)!

MechanoTherapy has saved my life – or at least enhanced the quality of it.

I ruptured my quad tendon. I’m 59 and would not classify myself as athletic. I tore it on a Tuesday, had surgery on Thursday and saw Warren for the first time the following Monday. His entire focus was my well being and comfort, AND maintaining strength in my quad so that recovery could occur quickly. Through massage and gradually increasing the intensity of my exercises, we’ve made excellent progress – at 12 weeks, I was about 13 weeks ahead of protocol in both strength and flexibility. At 15 weeks I can squat, go up and down stairs, and I’m getting very tempted to start jogging (though Warren says “not yet” for that). I walked 8 miles last Saturday.

His strengthening techniques include innovative blood-flow restriction and really worked to quickly gain back strength in my thigh. We’ve also used electro -therapy, stationary bike, and some other gym equipment at his studio. He’s outfitted for any eventuality.

Bottom line, I feel confident I will get full strength and range of motion back in my quad and when I tear it again in 59 years, I hope Warren is still around to help me recover. He’s the best!